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Closed Tenders

Reference # Title Tender Type Close Date (Australia/Melbourne)
CT2951 Old Gippsland Road and Old Hereford Road Lilydale - Intersection Improvement Works RFT 3:00 PM 9 Apr 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CT2898 Pedestrian Operated Signals for Birmingham Road – Warburton Trail Crossing, Mt Evelyn RFT 3:00 PM 2 Apr 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2895 Provision of Property Maintenance Services RFT 3:00 PM 2 Apr 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2945 Stormwater Pipe Lining Works in Mooroolbark, Mt Evelyn and Montrose RFQ 3:00 PM 2 Apr 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2901 Lilydale Pedestrian Plateaus RFT 3:00 PM 26 Mar 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2691 Kallista Boardwalk and Footpath Construction, Kallista-Emerald Road, Kallista RFT 3:00 PM 26 Mar 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
EOI2947 Provision of a Business Process Management System EOI 3:00 PM 24 Mar 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2906 Rehabilitate Road Pavement - Gruyere Road Gruyere and TSChampion Road Macclesfield RFT 3:00 PM 19 Feb 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2925 Provision of Rural Road Clearance RFT 3:00 PM 17 Feb 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CQ2904 Community Cultural Development Artist to facilitate the creation of the ‘Adopt a Spot’ public artwork project RFQ 5:00 PM 13 Jan 2014 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2859 Yarra Junction Recreation Reserve Car Park Construction RFT 3:00 PM 16 Oct 2013 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
123 Test EOI 4:00 PM 29 Apr 2013 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CQ2686 Metal Clad Building for Yarra Glen Men's Shed RFQ 3:00 PM 30 Jan 2013 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
EOI2666 Future management and operation of Warburton Caravan Park and adjacent recreation precinct EOI 3:00 PM 19 Dec 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CQ2649 Fire Hazard Clearance on Private Land and Gutter Cleaning for the 2012/2013 Fire Season RFQ 3:00 PM 14 Nov 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
EOI2606 Services to Remove Pinus Radiata from Richards Reserve Montrose EOI 3:00 PM 5 Sep 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CT2610 Provision of Electrical Line Clearance and Block Street Tree Pruning Services RFT 3:00 PM 22 Aug 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CT2480 Insurance and Broking Services RFT 3:00 PM 30 Apr 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CT2482 Provision of Cleaning Services RFT 3:00 PM 11 Apr 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CQ2459 Falling Weight Deflectometer Test RFQ 5:00 PM 6 Mar 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CQ2376 Provision of Environmentally Sustainable Development Advice RFQ 5:00 PM 14 Feb 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2450 Supply & Installation of Corporate Signage RFT 3:00 PM 25 Jan 2012 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2422 Provision of Geotechnical Services RFT 3:00 PM 21 Dec 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2419 Architectural Services for Kilsyth Living and Learning Centre RFT 3:00 PM 7 Dec 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2424 Yarra Glen Pavilion Sewer Rising Main RFT 3:00 PM 16 Nov 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2411 Consultancy to facilitate Strategic Asset Management RFT 3:00 PM 16 Nov 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+11:00)
CT2251 Yarra Glen Football & Netball Club - Pavilion Refurbishment RFT 3:00 PM 21 Sep 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CT2349 Construction of Monbulk Aquatic Centre RFT 3:00 PM 7 Sep 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CT2357 Annual Supply for Rural Road Clearance Services RFT 3:00 PM 10 Aug 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CQ2351 Design, Construct and Installation of (1) Portable Prefabricated Building RFQ 3:00 PM 6 Jul 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)
CT2317 Hard & Green Waste Collection Services RFT 3:00 PM 6 Jul 2011 (Australia/Melbourne UTC+10:00)